Parking Brake BBK-3600
Parking Brake BBK-3600
Product Description

We have chosen to use aluminum alloy for the Electric Park Brake Caliper C housing because it is lighter in weight compared to high-carbon steel.

Each standard set of BIG BRAKE KITS contains:

(a) Forged calipers (anodized caliper body, with CNC, engraved and painted logo, aluminum pistons) X 2 PCS
(b) 2-piece Ventilated Rotors (with hats) X 2 PCS
(c) Caliper mounting brackets X 2 PCS
(d) Brake pads-Street upgrade (grey) X 1SET (4 PCS)(Add price difference if different material is selected.)
(e) Mounting hardware
(f) Brakes Lines X 2 PCS
(g) Mechanical E-Parking Brake X 1SET (2 PCS)