About Us


Reasons to Choose KEMA as Your Brakes Supplier from Taiwan.

We provide flexibility and customized services, setting us apart from the competition. With a range of options, we offer painted and anodized colors for caliper and anodized colors for rotor hats. Our calipers come in both streamline and classic designs.

All our products are manufactured in Taiwan within our 3300 square meter facility, encompassing manufacturing, engineering, and R&D, ensuring compliance with the most stringent specifications.

For more information, feel free to contact us at kema@x-kema.com. We are confident that you will find the best selections here.

We have been in the manufacturing of automobile chassis systems for more than a decade. Over the past years, we are engaged in modified automobile chassis systems, big brake kits and related parts, which include product design, development, manufacture and ODM/ OEM Brake Services. In order to serve more customers and for long-term development, we registered under KEMA Enterprise Co., Ltd. as the name of our sustainable development.

Brake Pad

Iron fiber and other mixed fibers For normal road driving. Optimal operating temperature: 0-450°C. Instant temperature 500°C. Average coefficient of friction: 0.35-0.45µ


Caliper design is our strongest specialty. Our designers have years of experience in the R&D of calipers. With our professional team, either you prefer to use our common molds or develop custom molds, we are your best choice!