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Drifting Big Brake Kits offer superior braking performance, particularly during high-speed drifting or racing, providing more efficient deceleration and better vehicle control. Additionally, they enhance vehicle safety by reducing the risk of accidents during braking and improving emergency braking effectiveness.

Furthermore, we provide a range of customization options to meet the personalized needs of different car owners. Our anodized and painted colors for drift brake caliper and rotor hats offer a stylish touch, while our selection of three different pad levels - street use, sport, and race - cater to a range of driving needs. This ensures that our Drift Brake Caliper Kits not only enhance the performance and safety of your vehicle but also give it a personalized look and feel.

Drifing Big Brake Kits
Item No.SizePistons Size(mm)Rotor Size(mm)Brake Pad No.Brake Pad Dimension(mm)Min.Wheels Required
DU2420-R Small 4P330 40,40 330*28 BP404-01 61.5 66.8 14.5 17 inch
DU2420-R Small 4P345 40,40 345*28 BP404-01 61.5 66.8 14.5 18 inch
DU2420-R Small 4P356 40,40 356*28 BP404-01 61.5 66.8 14.5 18 inch