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  • Big Brake Kits
    Each of our Big Brake Kits includes 2-piece racing brake rotors (optional floating rotors), forged aluminum calipers, caliper mounting brackets, brake pads and brake lines. We have developed a complete series of Big Brake Kits. The easiest and fastest way to go is to put on your brand name on the calipers or even rotor hats, and you are ready to roar in your market. If you would like to have a unique look of your calipers, we can make it happen as well.
  • Calipers
    Caliper design is our most remarkable specialty. Our designers have years of experience in the R&D of calipers. All of our calipers are made of alloyed aluminum A6061 with T6 treatment, which is super lightweight and reduce the burden of your beloved cars. Besides, all of our calipers are forged, which is more durable and with better rigidity and toughness than casted ones.
    With our professional team, either you prefer to use our common designs or develop custom design. We are the best choice for you!
  • Drifting Big Brake Kits
    Drifting caliper is also known as dual fuel lines calipers. It’s designed for professional drifting purpose. Our Drifting Big Brake Kits provide outstanding performance during drifting. More related information can be provided upon request.
  • Rotors
    Our rotors are two-piece ventilated rotors, which made of alloyed gray iron FC25. This material prevents rotors from warping under high temperature. The curved vanes inside rotor rings helped in dispatching heat during driving. 
    Our rotor hats are made of alloyed aluminum A6061 with T6 treatment, which is super lightweight to reduce the burden of your beloved cars. 
    We provide four different rotor patterns – slotted, drilled and two types of drilled + slotted, which meet the most customers’ preferences.
    The entire rotor is precisely balanced by dynamic balancing machine before shipping to prevent vibration. 
  • Rear Rotor Conversion Kit
    To provide more options to meet various customers’ needs under different cost considerations, the rear rotor conversion kit was developed. It is launched to fulfill the desire of having high performance rear brake kit but still keeping the original calipers. Therefore, the rotors dimension is aligning with the original rotors but with the same level of material as our big brake kits to retrieve the same quality and durability. C clips or iron brackets have to be applied to connect with the original calipers to hold the conversion kit.
  • Parking Brake Caliper
    For the car models that with disc brake and E-brake system, such as HONDA CIVIC FD1, VW GOLF MK5/MK6, retain handbrake function after the installation of Big Brake Kits could be a challenge. If you upgraded your brake system, you had to accept the fact of losing handbrake function, which is risky while you park your car on a slope. To solve this problem, we invented a new device that is able to retain handbrake function. This gadget is designed to fix on the brackets or a direct bolt on the calipers, which is easy to install!
    As always, KEMA is devoted to racing and performance territory. Our mission is to bring you the best driving experience. Please feel free to contact with us for further information. We look forward to working with you soon!
  • Racing Air Jack
    Our Racing Air Jack System is designed to save tire changing time during pit stop. The racing car can be lifted up by our air jack system in the least time with the least effort. 
  • Other Products
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