Drifting Big Brake Kits-2420
Drifting Big Brake Kits-2420
Product Description
Oil Hydraulic Handbrake: BLUE (There are two installation methods for the handbrake, please see another type in the 2420-blue picture, and you can choose the one that suits you best according to your preference.)
Product Introduction

Our Drift Hydraulic Brake Kit has been specifically designed for professional car drifting, providing outstanding performance that meets the high expectations of this exciting sport. Our kit offers superior braking power and control, allowing you to confidently maneuver your vehicle through tight corners and challenging drift courses.

We are happy to provide additional information about our Hydraulic Brake Kits upon request. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or to learn more about how our kit can take your drifting to the next level.

Each standard set of Hydraulic Brake Kits contains:

  • (a) Forged calipers (anodized caliper body, with CNC, engraved and painted logo, A6061-T6 pistons) X 2 PCS
    • (1) Change logo:$20/set
    • (2) 2-color logo: add $5/set
    • (3) CNC-milled logo surface: add $5/set
    • (4) Painted: add $50/set (painted+clear coated)
    • (5) Piston with anti-knockback spring: add $20/set for 4P
  • (b) 2-piece Ventilated Rotors (with hats) X 2 PCS (not available for floating rotors)
  • (c) Caliper mounting brackets X 2 PCS
  • (d) Brake pads - street upgrade (grey) X 1SET (4 PCS) (Add price difference if different material is selected.)
  • (e) Brake lines X 5 PCS ( 2PCS under 100cm, 3PCS over 100cm), please advise your size.
  • (f) Fluid Tank
  • (g) Oil Hydraulic Handbrake
  • (h) Mounting hardware